Construction Education Academy

Future Seminars

2-Day File Prep

Lunch Included

March 14-15, 2017

The Yard Restaurant
Manchester, NH

Items covered in this 2-Day class include:
  • - What file types to ask the engineer or surveyor for.
  • - Uploading the file to Carlson desktop software.
  • - Preparing the file for the data collector
  • - Loading the files in the data collector
  • - Keeping your files organized
  • - Advanced layout applications in Carlson SurvPC/SurvCE

Each student is given a laptop and access to a data collector to follow along with the instructor!

Grade Foreman Boot Camp 

Lunch Included

March 13-16, 2017

NH Sportsplex
Bedford, NH

Four days of training focusing on a thorough review of basic construction surveying techniques. Each student will have hands-on time with the lastest CAD software as well as laser levels, mechanical and robotic total stations and GPS.  Through a combination of classroom and field time the student will develop an understanding of basic modern construction surveying.  Questions are encouraged and the discussion of the techniques will help the beginner gain knowledge and complete the understanding of the more experienced student.

Licensed Septic Designers and Installers in New Hampshire earn all 6 credits they need to meet their continuing education requirement for license renewal. 

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